Coffee – 12oz Bags and K-Cups


Sugar Creek Coffee Roasters is one of our new providers of fresh locally roasted coffee.

To start we are offering 3 levels of roast in WHOLE BEAN or GROUND bags in 12 ounce size.

  • THR EARLY BIRD – Light roast from East & Central Africa. Cupping flavor notes: Citrus, Milk Chocolate, Bright
  • NAIL ON THE HEAD – Medium roast from Central America, Africa. Cupping flavor notes: Chocolate, Vanilla, Toffee, Blueberry
  • MIDNIGHT OIL – Dark roast from South America, Indonesia. Cupping Flavor notes: Toasted Marshmallow, Earthy, Intense

Also available in K-Cups

*This is an Add-On to our BagelGram delivery. Please be sure to purchase a BagelGram at the same time as purchasing a bag of coffee. If you would like to order coffee alone we invite you to order directly from the roaster. You can view Sugar Creek Coffee Roasters options on their website here:

Available Options:

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