Thank you for your interest in Gluten Bagels. After many recipe variation experiments and conversations with guest about the level of GF cleanliness needed in our facility we have decided that we can not offer them as a choice in our store at this time.

Some of the deciding factors are:

  • Our facility is an open kitchen and the amount of flour that we go through would cause too much cross contact with machinery, counters and ingredients. We are constantly cleaning everything in our shop and even with the daily wipe downs we can not guarantee that gluten will not be present in the final product.
  • The cost of the ingredients, the extra time needed and tools to produce a high quality GF bagel would inflate the resale cost to almost $7.00 a bagel. We understand that most consumers might pay a little extra for a good bagel but for us to recoup our cost and make a little profit we would need everyone to arrive on the same day and the same time to purchase 150+ GF bagels.
  • We plan to bring in to the store some commercially produced GF bagels to offer along side our BagelGram NC bagels. This will take place once we start offering breakfast and lunch sandwich options.