Counter Storage

BagelGram NC bagels are best when eaten fresh.
We like to say, “Eat Fresh(within the first 8hrs) Freeze the Rest

But, If you do not plan to freeze your bagels, we suggest to place in a plastic bagel bag (pic provided) or in a ziplock style bag and kept in a cool dark area.

We use this method every day and the bagels stay fresh for about 3 mornings, sometimes longer depending on the flavor and toppings.

We do not suggest freezing the bagels if decide to keep in a plastic bag on the counter for a few days. Choose between counter or freeze after 8 hours for best results.

Please be advised that Salt, Rosemary Salt and ET bagels will sweat a tiny bit in the bags.

Refrigeration and Freezing

We DO NOT suggest to refrigerate our bagels. This will dry them out and make them dense and hard.

We DO suggest freezing any bagels that are not consumed within the first day of receiving.

To store in the freezer please slice in half and wrap in plastic wrap. Place wrapped bagels in a ziplock and freeze.

When ready to eat your bagel, place on the counter to defrost for a short time and then toast to your liking.


These are strictly suggestions. Each flavor will rejuvenate differently.

  1. Give them a toast, depending on the hardness level of your bagel this might do the trick.
  2. Or warm your bagel in oven at 350 degrees for about 10 min.
  3. Or wrap a damp paper towel around the bagel and microwave for 10-30 seconds.

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