BagelGram NC Bagels stay fresh when allowed to cool in paper bags and then transferred to plastic zip lock bags or a snap lock plastic container with a few hours of receiving.

We like the flat wall snap locks like this one below. They allow you to stack the bagels in a row keeping air contamination to a minimum. This method is best if you plan to eat your bagels within 2-3 days of receiving your BagelGram.

If a bagel is put in a sealed plastic bog or container before it has completely cooled, then the bagel will sweat and become soggy on the outside.


BagelGram NC bagels are meant to be eaten within the first few days of delivery. If you cant eat the bagels you ordered within the first few days, no worries, bagels freeze really well.

First, make sure the bagels are completely cooled.
Next, Slice the bagels in half.
Finally, place bagels in a freezer lock bag and store in the freezer.

When ready to eat your bagel, place the bagel on the counter to defrost for a short time and then toast to your liking.


We don’t add any preservatives to our bagels so they tend to harden after a few days if not stored in a ziplock bag. Here are few handy tricks to rejuvenate your bagels.

  1. Give them a toast, depending on the hardness level of your bagel this might do the trick.
  2. Or warm your bagel in oven at 350 degrees for about 10 min.
  3. Or wrap a damp paper towel around the bagel and microwave for 10-30 seconds.