Charlotte, NC’s only Bagel Delivery service.

What is BagelGram NC?
We are a delivery service that boils and bakes scratch made artisan bagels and hand delivers a BagelGram to the great people of Charlotte, NC and surrounding suburbs.

Bagels you say? Yes, BAGELS!!!
We understand you can buy bagels anywhere, but we had to keep busy during the Covid Pandemic and we love to make and eat bagels.

Brick and Mortar store to visit?
Our Storefront has opened in Hemby Bridge/Indian Trail. Please click HERE to learn more.

We use the best ingredients that are available locally. Please be assured that the bagels you receive are top quality and made with much care.

We began with a classic NYC style bagel formula, tweaked it to be as close as possible to the bagels that we grew up with in South Florida (which was a NYC style bagel). Each night before delivering to you we hand roll all of the bagels and place in a refrigerator to slowly proof. We awake at 3am, head to our ghost kitchen in Charlotte to boil and bake bagels. Given 30 minutes to cool the fresh bagels are packaged into a brand new paper that is stapled and placed into another bag. We deliver to your door step with a No Contact delivery. We ring your doorbell and head off to the next delivery.

An ingredient list can be found here.

Who is Bagelgram?
I am Kevin Priest from Boca Raton Fl. I began studying Culinary Arts in 1994 at the age of 14. At 16 I was working a full time line cook gig while attending Culinary school and finishing High School. After college my mother and I started catering to the great people of Boca Raton. Unfortunately in 2008 we closed shop due to the Great Recession. I never lost my passion and I vowed to one day again throw my hat in the ring. My family and I moved to Stallings the Summer of 2019 with plans to open a first class Bagelry.

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