My bagel recipe is a variation of Peter Reinhart’s recipe.

Link to recipe.

Feel free to make some on your own, contact me on Facebook if you have any questions or I can make them for you and deliver to your door, order through the Store.

Ingredient List:

  • High Protein Bread Flour – 14% – Arden Mills
  • Red Saf-Instant Yeast – Brand new package, perfect for bread
  • Pink Himalayan salt – Freshly ground, non iodized
  • Dark Brown Sugar by Lidl – after years of trying many different types of Malt syrup and powders and many variations of sugars I prefer Dark Brown Sugar for my bagels.
  • Natural Spring Water
  • Kettle(Boil Bath) – Baking Soda and Dark Brown Sugar
  • Toppings – Everything Seasoning is from Dollar-Rub It is called Open Sesame and it is my go to for topping my ET Bagels.