BagelGram NC Facts:

– A BagelGram is an order of our delicious fresh bagels delivered to your home.

– BagelGram NC is a delivery service that delivers Home made bagels to your door. BagelGram NC is a home based business.

– BagelGram NC is an e-commerce company that provides no-contact online easy ordering and no-contact delivery.

– BagelGrams are dropped at your door for a no-contact delivery experience. I will ring your doorbell and place your order in a convenient noticeable location.

– BagelGram Orders are taken through accepting payment through a Paypal Payment Gateway. A Paypal account is not required. You may use most credit card types to make payment.

– I strive to deliver all BagelGram orders by 11am. Starting my route at 9am.

– I make anywhere from 100-300 bagels per BagelDrop day. Please be patient if I am running late, I intend to deliver the best product conceivable. If I am running late you will be contacted directly.

– Sorry, A Gluten Free Bagel is not available at the moment. – Yes, special orders are always welcome.

– No, I dont use NY water. I ferment properly.

– Yes, Pizza bagels can be eaten any time of the day.

– Choco Chip Bagels are always boiled and baked last, so these will arrive warm if you are in the near by delivery zone.