Would you like to order a BagelGram for a teacher? or an entire staff at a school?

Would you like to send a BagelGram to a loved one that is being cared for at a Hospital? or would you like to treat the Doctors and Nurses at your local hospital?

Great! We would like to help by offering expedited delivery on a Wednesday, Thursday or Saturday morning.

The minimum order is only 8 bagels and the delivery fee will be determined by requested time of delivery and distance from our bakery.

Please reach out to us through the contact form below or by using the chat box at the bottom right corner of this website.

Other locations we can offer expedited delivery:

  • Businesses
  • Police Stations
  • Fire Stations
  • Private Schools
  • Restaurants
  • Day Cares
  • Retirement Homes
  • As long as the desired delivery location is within Charlotte and its Suburbs we can offer delivery.